Re: Bakhtin: Toward a methodology for the human sciences

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Jan 13 2004 - 09:00:21 PST

I hope you will keep pressing on both the Bakhtin/LSV connections and
the issue of various appropriations of the zoped idea, Phil. I got Seth
to make his paper available specifically with that goal in mind.

A few points, on the assumption that this is a path worth following for
a while.

1. There are several critiques of the equation of scaffolding/zoped
concepts. Griffin and Cole in the 1984 Rogoff and Wertsch volume, Addison
Stone in the Contexts of Learning book are two places to look.

2. Nowhere does Seth mention that vygotsky claimed play can create a zone
of proximal development. I think in trying to reconstruct what lsv was
up to , it would be worth trying to think about what zoped-based
instruction and play have in common such that both could have the properties
of promoting development.

3. A really critical point in Seth's paper is the underplaying of ideas
about imitation. Valsiner has pushed hard on Baldwin's ideas on this score
and the issue of the nature of/kinds of imitation really needs to be
examined. I would think this especially interesting in a second language
learning context.

Can everyone get ahold of the requisite texts? Do we need to scan and
make them available in some acceptable way?

At present, Paul's text is in play and of interest to many. I have a text
by Giyoo Hatano that has not been published and may be worth discussing.


Perhaps you would like to take the organizational lead here, Phil, assuming
sufficient interest?


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