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Dear Phillip and everybody-

Phillip asked,
> (not sure what you mean here, Eugene, when you write "...cultural
practices are
> aching...")

This is my dyslectic typo, sorry. I meant, "Since cultural practices are
changing..." :-( But this point about ZPD of cultural practices is nicely
discussed in Mike's and Peg Griffin's chapter in the book titled "Zone of
Proximal Development." Learning is reproduction of ever changing practice
and community (Barbara Rogoff defines "community" through this
multigenerational process).

            Okay, Eugene! hah! another mystery solved - usually i can figure out your typos, mostly because i expect them from your postings (smile). and usually your typos make sense as phonemes - but this time i was stumped!

> I have seen demonstrations of the ZPD as an open cylinder with learning
poured in, and the
> empty space just above the poured in learning being labeled as the ZPD -
this was a
> metaphor used by a Russian professor at a local city college. I have
also run across
> computerized reading programs that after a students had been 'tested'
printed out the
> instructional grade level of the student ZPD.

Oh, my... It would be funny if it were not so harmful... I think it can be
great it somebody (you, Phillip?) can document all these cases and publish
in a book with a tentative title "1000 (mis)understandings of Vygotsky's
notion of ZPD with pictures, tests, and diagrams." If somebody is looking
for a dissertation topic, feel free to take this one. I think that such a
book or dissertation can be very useful for the field and could easily
become most cited.

     i couldn't do such a piece of work - i'm having a hard enough time writing a small paper on what i believe to be evidence of stochastic learning emerging from small group learning activities.



phillip white
university of colorado at denver
school of education

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