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[Xmca-l] Re: Integral development of children

Thanks Rod. So, you agree that it was displaced then? Since when and where?
:) It seems quite vague where the science ends and ideology begins in
today's society and academia, where ideology expulses such
valuable, historical and scientific concepts from science...I suspect that
in a society where integral development of child and man is a rare
occurrence, it is too risky to teach it to new generations.

After below email, I looked into Cuban constitution for the term
"integral", I met it 5 or six times, all used with respect to human , child
and youth development.

Best wishes,


2013/12/17 Rod Parker-Rees <R.Parker-Rees@plymouth.ac.uk>

> Hi Ulvi,
> I suspect that in some contexts 'integral' has been displaced by
> 'holistic' though this doesn't seem to refer to quite the same intention.
> All the best,
> Rod
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> Subject: [Xmca-l] Integral development of children
> I searched this , "integral development of children" and what brought to
> me was some results from Ukraine, Cuba, Bolivia, UNICEF.
> What is the matter? I think it is a very valuable thought since ancient
> times on the development of man , then during Renaissance and it should
> have a central place in 20th century human and child development in
> particular.
> Is it thrown away and marginalized from the theory, thoughts and teaching
> on the development of children, in the developed West?
> Does not it have a central place on the development of children in US and
> in Europe today? Was it rather emphasized by socialist circles in the West,
> in Third World and socialist countries and now marginalized within the
> mainstream?
> Thanks
> Ulvi
> P.S. By this, I do not mean something like integrated education, maths via
> music etc. I mean directly integral development of man and the thinking on
> this in the field of child development.
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