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[Xmca-l] Integral development of children

I searched this , "integral development of children" and what brought to me
was some results from Ukraine, Cuba, Bolivia, UNICEF.

What is the matter? I think it is a very valuable thought since ancient
times on the development of man , then during Renaissance and it should
have a central place in 20th century human and child development in

Is it thrown away and marginalized from the theory, thoughts and teaching
on the development of children, in the developed West?

Does not it have a central place on the development of children in US and
in Europe today? Was it rather emphasized by socialist circles in the West,
in Third World and socialist countries and now marginalized within the



P.S. By this, I do not mean something like integrated education, maths via
music etc. I mean directly integral development of man and the thinking on
this in the field of child development.
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