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[Xmca-l] Re: Ventriloquation re-ducks

Thanks, Mike.

The exploration of voice *as* ventrilocation projected within
puppets circulating around persons and personas in character are using
metaphors of the stage and theater. [all life is a stage]

I wonder more about the notion of  the types of genres AND tropes within
which the persona and masks are actually expressed.
I hear more the question of *voicedness* and *multivoicided* expressed
within multiple *traditions* [genres, tropes] and it is not merely our
personal voices being generated, but the actual *traditions* speaking
through us given voices which
, are *returning to the conversation. I wonder how often it is NOT the
puppets ventriloquating as it is our  anscestors speaking?

The question *who* is doing the speaking is a deeply complex question. Yes
our voices can speak as *intra* voices, they can speak as inner and outer
voices, they can speak as outer voices but returning to the discussion of
play and playworlds, our are voices also expressed within *worlds* emerging
in our conversations.

I would like to introduce a notion of*generous* readers and *generous
listeners* who in their interactions with interlocutors are also
participating with ancestors [and traditions, genres, tropes]. Generous and
generativity as reading that OPENS ZONES OR CLEARINGS of *care*.

I have been using the *concept* ventriloquation to express the truth that
we are all *crows* who steal each others egg words and fill them with our
own *meanings* and *sense*[David K's metaphor].
As Mike showed in the etymology of the word *ventriloquation* there are
many crows.  However these egg words when transformed [translated] are also
expressing particular *traditions* within which the newly filled egg word
makes sense.

Ventriloquintation as an egg word is not making puppets or masks speak. I
wonder if it is more constitutive a process that develop how *I* speak.
This notion of 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person *voice* as
constituting new forms of *character formation [and new forms of

I'll pause
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