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[Xmca-l] On Vivian Paley -- Symbolic Dev and play

MIKE & CO:  Once-upon-a-long-time-ago -- and as you may (or may not!) remember -- we had a Vivian-P-inspired symposium at SRCD . . . coincidentally the last time it was held in Seattle.  Another coincidence -- I'm teaching a course on "Play" this semester where we're reading two of her more recent books.  Which is why I had easy access to this -- the LCHC Newsletter that emerged from that symposium.  One or more of you may find at least the closing, audience-member comments/commentary interesting . . . if only for historical reasons!  FRANK (KESSEL)  

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I am still away from home, but near email. While musing in the woods I was
wondering where the query on recent research in cultural historical vein
had gotten to. All I saw before disappearing from the grid was references
to Vyg himself.

Then I started to think about the work of Vivian Paley which I should think
offers a plenitude of compelling examples relevant to this issue. Was this
work discussed and I missed it?


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