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[Xmca-l] Re: Chat Diagrams

Garry, see http://lchc.ucsd.edu/mca/Paper/Engestrom/expanding/ch2.htm
Figure 2.6 is the original. And in this chapter you can follow the derivation of the triangle, in which is makes a lot of sense than if you just come across it as a finished product.

*Andy Blunden*

Garry O'Dell wrote:
Dear All,

I am a later in life arrival to the academic world and in particular to Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

I am using CHAT as a conceptual framework to explore and understand the activity of land use assessment for events such as markets, festivals, rallies and the like in Australia, with a focus on the activity as it is applied by local government in New South Wales. My level of theoretical thinking is naive and would benefit from some elder input.

My intital confusion is the Engestrom triangle.

Its depiction seems to vary from a triangle with lines to double headed arrows depicting some type of relationships. Is there an agreed depiction of the triangle or is this subject to dispute and conjecture?

My reading to date supports the view that learning is the key focus of CHAT with some excursions into organisation. Given the wealth of knowledge in the XCMA group, I would be interested to determine whether any researcher is currently using CHAT on land use decision making.


Garry O'Dell

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