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[Xmca-l] Re: Messages in threes

Thanks for the explanation, Bruce. There's always one who complicates the best efforts of IT workers :-). (I used to be one.)

The other Bruce

bjones@weber.ucsd.edu wrote:
>>From haydizulfei@rocketmail.com  Sat Oct  5 13:10:36 2013
>>Recently in one message I talked about the following problem:
>>Out of 11 new messages I'vejust received, 3 identical messages
>>belong to Mike, 3 similar ones to El izabeth Hadley Nikrenz,
>>and the last three ones to three persons, one to each. This
>>problem occurred just at the beginning of the appearance of
>>the listserve disorders a while ago.
>Last year, as I was preparing to retire, I moved the xmca
>mailing list from its original home on weber.ucsd.edu to the
>campus mail server ucsd.edu
>When I did, I set the list up with the address xmca-l@ucsd.edu
>Following standard procedure at UCSD, that is the official name 
>for the xmca mailing list.
>Then I set up an alias so that mail sent to xmca@ucsd.edu
>(no -l) would also go to the list, just in case people were
>confused by the switch.
>Then, given many people would still try sending mail to
>xmca@weber.ucsd.edu, I configured weber so that mail sent
>to xmca@weber.ucsd.edu would automatically get forwarded to
>Someone who shall remain nameless (let's  call him the "Great
>Hacker") responded to my query of a few days ago and copied
>his message to all three addresses: xmca-l@ucsd.edu, xmca@ucsd.edu,
>and xmca@weber.ucsd.edu
>People who responded to his message using the "Respond to All"
>button or key, continued the tripling, and it began to cascade
>through the list.
>This will play out as the thread whithers.
>In the future, people should *ONLY* send mail to one address, 
>preferrably to xmca-l@ucsd.edu

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