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[Xmca-l] Messages in threes

>From haydizulfei@rocketmail.com  Sat Oct  5 13:10:36 2013
>Recently in one message I talked about the following problem:
>Out of 11 new messages I'vejust received, 3 identical messages
>belong to Mike, 3 similar ones to El izabeth Hadley Nikrenz,
>and the last three ones to three persons, one to each. This
>problem occurred just at the beginning of the appearance of
>the listserve disorders a while ago.

Last year, as I was preparing to retire, I moved the xmca
mailing list from its original home on weber.ucsd.edu to the
campus mail server ucsd.edu

When I did, I set the list up with the address xmca-l@ucsd.edu
Following standard procedure at UCSD, that is the official name 
for the xmca mailing list.

Then I set up an alias so that mail sent to xmca@ucsd.edu
(no -l) would also go to the list, just in case people were
confused by the switch.

Then, given many people would still try sending mail to
xmca@weber.ucsd.edu, I configured weber so that mail sent
to xmca@weber.ucsd.edu would automatically get forwarded to

Someone who shall remain nameless (let's  call him the "Great
Hacker") responded to my query of a few days ago and copied
his message to all three addresses: xmca-l@ucsd.edu, xmca@ucsd.edu,
and xmca@weber.ucsd.edu

People who responded to his message using the "Respond to All"
button or key, continued the tripling, and it began to cascade
through the list.

This will play out as the thread whithers.

In the future, people should *ONLY* send mail to one address, 
preferrably to xmca-l@ucsd.edu

Status: O