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Mike, Tania Zittoun's prism analysis (as you know) adds the fourth vector of "personal sense" to the person-object-other triangle:


I was interested in how the young people made personal sense of the cultural elements and relationships afforded in the the program.  Mentors from the community radio station and arts organizations introduced non-school-like artifacts to the school curriculum, such as ways of talking, writing, editing, and producing media.  The students did unexpected things with the resources made available.  For example, they used their own media productions to change attitudes among siblings and other youth in the school and their communities about exposing young children to drug use. In some cases these feature stories and digital narratives became cultural elements that were taken-up by other youth for their own meaning-making processes.

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Date: Thursday, October 3, 2013 10:49 PM
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Tantalizing information, Dana. What is the basic idea of Tanya Z's prism analysis and what does the phrase, "community-linked" mean? I find
TZ's ideas very stimulating and have engaged in community-university
 linked programs for some kind. how the prisms and programs related?

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 8:30 PM, Walker, Dana <Dana.Walker@unco.edu<mailto:Dana.Walker@unco.edu>> wrote:
I just completed a book using interactional ethnography (Judith Green,
David Bloome) and Tania Zittoun's semiotic prism analysis, to examine
learning and development in a community-school linked youth radio program
for multilingual high school students, Peter Lang publishers.

Dana Walker

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>Bruce is asking about absence of email on xmca. I have sent a couple of
>message, but of course do not
>see them except later on the accumulated list.
>What's new? There sure are a lot of you out there. Hit  reply and say
>something about what you
>are working on or wondering about.
>For example, I have been fussing over vocabulary confusions in a course
>that I visit in Colorado taught by
>Kris G.  Learning, development, practice, zoped, social situation of
>development, context...... how are they related in Vygotky's theor??
>questions like that.
>And you??

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