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[xmca] knotworking and germ cells and instances of kinships / affiliation

check it out - 

as Achilles suggests, we're looking at an international shift -


 i don't know if anyone noted Emma Goldman's connection of kinship, when commenting on the laborers within the interiors of the Titanic who also went down with the ship, so i'm including a quote here that she concluded with.

"With neither club or statute to compel them, I wonder what induced these men to go to their death with greater fortitude than do soldiers on the battlefield? Why, it is human nature, stripped of all social artifice, of the deadening and dulling chase for material gains. Human nature, come into its own! Into its deep social kinship which so far has only expressed itself in great stress but which points to still greater possibilities for the future, when man shall no longer his brother maim!"

social kinship - a germ of an idea... a theory...


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