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Re: [xmca] Good source on germ cells and development

When I try to teach my boy of 11 years, I explained it by virtue of
something in the garden for the moon, and something at the pharmacy --
about 2km away, for the Sun.He raised his eyebrows with astonishment. OK
well, that was an approximation.


On 20 June 2013 12:42, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> OK, I had a read of this paper on teaching the phases of the Moon.
> I admit I found the challenge fascinating. The results of surveying the
> beliefs of 14 to 17 year-olds astounded me, but I learnt about the
> "encapsulated" nature of school learning during my brief life as a maths
> teacher in London in the early '70s, teaching maths in the metric system to
> kids who, like their parents, used only the old Imperial system of measures
> outside school. I will never forget the complaint from a student that how
> could they do their work when their lousy school didn't provide rulers with
> kilometers marked on them.
> While I looked forward to hearing how the problem was solved in the three
> different famous methodologies of learning, but unless I am even dumber
> than I already know I am, all we got were hypothetical reconstructions
> based on variations of the famous triangle. It may be just me, but graphic
> diagrams like this just do nothing but confuse me. Anyway, no solutions to
> the task were offered, so far as I could see.
> I have never had the joy of trying to teach the phases of the Moon to a
> school class, but I know how I would do it, and it wouldn't involve using
> those little diagrams in the text books (I liked Yrjo's critique of those
> diagrams though. That was the best part). Surely there must be some
> teachers on this list who have taught the phases of the Moon. How did you
> do it?
> Andy
> mike cole wrote:
>> I am looking for an article by Jean Schmittau that gives a clear
>> explanation of Davydov's approach to math
>> education that has excessible examples for the use of the "germ cell" idea
>> in practical (effective!) early
>> math instruction. Meantime, this paper by Yrjo also contains a good
>> summary
>> of Davydov's ideas applied to the
>> problem of phases of the moon, a problem some of us just might have some
>> trouble explaining to a kid (!)
>> mike
>> http://people.ucsc.edu/~**gwells/Files/Courses_Folder/**
>> documents/EngestromPhases-**Moon.pdf<http://people.ucsc.edu/~gwells/Files/Courses_Folder/documents/EngestromPhases-Moon.pdf>
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