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Re: [xmca] Good source on germ cells and development

OK, I had a read of this paper on teaching the phases of the Moon.

I admit I found the challenge fascinating. The results of surveying the beliefs of 14 to 17 year-olds astounded me, but I learnt about the "encapsulated" nature of school learning during my brief life as a maths teacher in London in the early '70s, teaching maths in the metric system to kids who, like their parents, used only the old Imperial system of measures outside school. I will never forget the complaint from a student that how could they do their work when their lousy school didn't provide rulers with kilometers marked on them.

While I looked forward to hearing how the problem was solved in the three different famous methodologies of learning, but unless I am even dumber than I already know I am, all we got were hypothetical reconstructions based on variations of the famous triangle. It may be just me, but graphic diagrams like this just do nothing but confuse me. Anyway, no solutions to the task were offered, so far as I could see.

I have never had the joy of trying to teach the phases of the Moon to a school class, but I know how I would do it, and it wouldn't involve using those little diagrams in the text books (I liked Yrjo's critique of those diagrams though. That was the best part). Surely there must be some teachers on this list who have taught the phases of the Moon. How did you do it?


mike cole wrote:
I am looking for an article by Jean Schmittau that gives a clear
explanation of Davydov's approach to math
education that has excessible examples for the use of the "germ cell" idea
in practical (effective!) early
math instruction. Meantime, this paper by Yrjo also contains a good summary
of Davydov's ideas applied to the
problem of phases of the moon, a problem some of us just might have some
trouble explaining to a kid (!)


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