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Re: [xmca] Re: Litost

Perhaps you could post it again, Mike, because I looked it up on Wikipedia, but I never saw any document from you on it.

mike cole wrote:
Hi Nektarios

Remember that the context for that posting was a discussion of a chat
approach to cognition and emotion. I offered this as a possible good
example of the cultural historical nature of adult emotions in one of its
cultural manifestations.

That there may be transcendent aspects to the example might be true, but I
was being less ambitious in my query. Unfortunately , it seems that people
have been too busy to read it, or thought it not worth considering in the
context of the discussion of Manfred's article.

So great to have a little feedback!

On Sunday, April 28, 2013, Nektarios Alexi wrote:


Hello Mike,

I have read the chapter of Kunderas on Litost,which really it seems that
is a piece of real classic literature work. I have been greatly inspired by
Milan Kundera in my teenage years and it was a real pleasure to come in
contact again with his such deep and inclusive spirit.

One wonders though what constitutes a classical work in literature?
Through that chapter one can just be amazed of how a person (the
writer,Kundera in our case) can grasp the human condition in its movement.
But what is that movement? Is it the human conciousness unfolding it self
by the means of cultural-historical tools?Or is the human condition just
manifesting it self just as it is by not taking into consideration the
limitation of the given cultural-historical condition of the time?
My point is that: Is Litost a state of mind that is subject to
cultural-historical mediation or is a state of mind that transcends any
possible given cultural-historical condition?


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Thanks for posting Smolucha paper bj.
Read and discuss folks.

The paper is posted on the MCA site at

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