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[xmca] Re: Litost

Hi Nektarios

Remember that the context for that posting was a discussion of a chat
approach to cognition and emotion. I offered this as a possible good
example of the cultural historical nature of adult emotions in one of its
cultural manifestations.

That there may be transcendent aspects to the example might be true, but I
was being less ambitious in my query. Unfortunately , it seems that people
have been too busy to read it, or thought it not worth considering in the
context of the discussion of Manfred's article.

So great to have a little feedback!

On Sunday, April 28, 2013, Nektarios Alexi wrote:

> **
> Hello Mike,
> I have read the chapter of Kunderas on Litost,which really it seems that
> is a piece of real classic literature work. I have been greatly inspired by
> Milan Kundera in my teenage years and it was a real pleasure to come in
> contact again with his such deep and inclusive spirit.
> One wonders though what constitutes a classical work in literature?
> Through that chapter one can just be amazed of how a person (the
> writer,Kundera in our case) can grasp the human condition in its movement.
> But what is that movement? Is it the human conciousness unfolding it self
> by the means of cultural-historical tools?Or is the human condition just
> manifesting it self just as it is by not taking into consideration the
> limitation of the given cultural-historical condition of the time?
> My point is that: Is Litost a state of mind that is subject to
> cultural-historical mediation or is a state of mind that transcends any
> possible given cultural-historical condition?
> Nektarios
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> Read and discuss folks.
> Mike
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