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[xmca] FW: Apply Now! International Class 2013-2014

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APPLY NOW FOR 2013-2014

The International Class
A Study and Training Program in Social Therapeutics
Open to practitioners and scholars with a broad range of educational
and life experiences -- and a passion for innovation.

The International Class is a unique study and training program in cultural and creative approaches to human development and learning. The program focuses on social therapeutics, a philosophically informed, practically oriented method in which human beings are related to as creators of their culture and ensemble performers of their lives.

The performatory approach of social therapeutics allows people to experience life in new ways other than how we've been socialized, and to organize environments for group creativity to flourish in unforeseen developmental ways. Utilized in diverse mental health, educational, youth development and community organizing settings in the US and internationally, social therapeutics has influenced both the postmodern and the cultural-historical activity theory movements in psychology, psychotherapy, education and community and organizational development.
"When I first encountered the Institute's performance-based approach three years ago it revolutionized my work -  understanding how we continuously co-create our reality and how that could be useful in building community. Being part of the International Class has given me the opportunity to experience this developmental method -- to be playful in creating ways to transform our world with talented and dedicated people from around the globe."
--Sandra Paola Lopez, dancer educator and improviser, Champaign Illinois

A Zone of Development

Designed and led by East Side Institute director Lois Holzman, the program provides a unique opportunity for practitioners and scholars from the US and countries around the world to

  *   study together and learn the Institute's cutting edge developmental methodology

  *   work directly with Holzman, and the Institute's leading practitioners Lenora Fulani, Christine LaCerva, Carrie Lobman, and others

  *   participate in innovative educational, cultural and community-building programs throughout New York City

  *   build ties and support for themselves and their communities
A Flexible Structure and Curriculum

The ten-month program combines residencies in New York City and seminars, supervision and project development sessions conducted online. Students come together to work with Institute faculty and others in a broad development community and advance their own programs and research.

Residencies. The International Class meets at the Institute three times during the year (in October, February and June) to work together as a group with Institute faculty and associates. Site visits, observations, participant observations and experiential learning activities supplement daily seminar activity.

At Home. In between residencies, students study the social therapeutic method in relation to socio-cultural activity theory, theories of performance, postmodernism, group process and community development. Learning formats include on-line seminars, mentoring, dialogues with guest colleagues of the Institute, supervision and conference calls with faculty and mentors.

A Global Learning Community

Since 2004, community and university based practitioners from across the US and dozens of other countries have enrolled in The International Class of the East Side Institute. Coming from different places and professions, they share a desire to change the world and an eagerness to take advantage of the unique opportunity The International Class offers them to create a global support network, to engage the philosophical, political and psychological issues of their practice, and to study and train as developmentalists with the creators of social therapeutic methodology.
For the last eight years, I have studied welfare policy and have been an advocate for more humane services in New York City. I applied to The International Class out of recognition that my understanding of poverty was limited - and in some ways, provincial. My colleagues taught me about anti-poverty programs around the world, which helped to broaden my understanding. As an American and an anti-poverty advocate, this experience has been invaluable.
Becca Widom, sociologist and anti-poverty advocate, New York New York

The activity based-theory, the performative approach, and the emphasis in community building are the key elements of a psychology that blurs the distinctions between clinic, politics and the arts.
Murilo Moscheta, psychologist and therapist, Maringá Brazil
The International Class has made me learn to challenge some of my old beliefs and to peel off the rigid self-image that we all try to portray in our life. The cultural and economic differences of all the countries of the student have made us get an even broader viewpoint on all the topics that were discussed.
Ishita Sanyal, psychologist, Calcutta India

 Being part of a group that is intelligent, talented, diverse and committed to making a difference in their own parts of the world has revolutionized my work, my personal growth, and my way of relating with others. Introducing performance to our after school programs with kids, our work with youth groups, and our broader community work has opened new possibilities for the growth of everyone.
Miguel Eduardo Cortes Vázquez, youth worker, psychotherapist and university faculty, Juarez Mexico

Applications for the 2013-2014 program will be accepted through July 31, 2013. Tuition is $3400. A limited number of full and partial scholarships covering tuition are available. Obtaining a US visa is a lengthy process! We urge those who require a visa to enter the US to get their applications in as early in 2013 as possible.

For more information, including dates, applications and scholarship forms, contact: Lois Holzman, Director, East Side Institute, email lholzman@eastsideinstitute.org<mailto:lholzman@eastsideinstitute.org> , tel. 212-941-8906, ext. 324. To read more about the program and its graduates, or to download an application, go to:

East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy is an international education, research and training center for new approaches to human development and community building. We develop and promote psychological and educational practices that relate to people of all ages as social performers of their lives. To learn about the Institute's work, visit

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