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Re: [xmca] Re: microgenesis?

OK, what I see from the Wertsch paper is a study of how parents guide their children in forming a fruitful attention strategy for solving puzzles. And that by 4 years old, these children were doing voluntarily what the 2 year olds were doing only with assistance, but no instances were observed of the transition from other-regulation to self-regulation in the course of the experiment itself. The parents were instructed to assist their children and the children knew that their parents had been told to help them. The children appeared to not need any special motivation to tackle the puzzle, being attracted to it without any special measures by the researchers or parents.

Other than a kind of exhibition of Vygotsky's conception of interpersonal functions and division-of-labour being appropriated by children so as to reappear as internal psychological functions, I don't know what to get from this. Little ones needed parental guidance, older ones didn't. I found the Question Answer Reading paper much richer.

As I understand your question it is this, Mike: What principles of change apply to micro-level change (of an individual? or do you mean during the space of a few minutes or hour?), as compared to the principles which apply to the change of whole cultural groups (such as the development of writing from the times of Ancient Egypt until now)? Is that the question? it is not at all clear to me what you are asking, Mike. Did you skip over ontogenesis somewhere in there? Are you talking about time-scales or what is being changed (eg human biologiy, artefacts and institutions, the individual person or the situation?)


mike cole wrote:
well we are sure agreed about the context dependent part. I argue for different principles of change in what Huw refers to as sociogenesis and I refer to as cultural-historical genesis. I am just real uncertain about how to characterize more micro levels of development/context/historical..... change.

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