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Re: [xmca] "Rising to the concrete"

On 19 August 2012 04:33, Larry Purss <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> Huw
> Thanks for this clarification.  Your response is somewhat "in over my head"
> but as I continue to navigate my personal questions and also keep
> wondering  how the actual and the imaginal are linked, I appreciate the
> patience and generosity of everyone who takes the  time to compose
> responses to my and others questions on this site.  I will look into
> Wilden's article that you reference and continue exploring the leads
> offered.

You're welcome, Larry.   Thank you for acknowledging the effort taken to
answer your question.

I am sorry to say I am guilty of not reading many of your thoughtful emails
carefully.   The capitalisation distracts me.  :(

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