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Re: [xmca] "Rising to the concrete"

In the interest of understanding you Huw, these two lines in your most
recent post jumped out at me

To assert that something is not relevant is to prevent such creative

Going back to the other contention, your assertion that analog and
digital belong to a different frame is wrong.  The only possible truth of
the assertion is that they have nothing to do with your frame...

The following lines also struck me

To abstract is to measure.  To measure is to compare.  Comparison is

These assertions create a pretty big universe of seemingly irrelevant
things to thinking about abstraction and comparison.  I wonder, for
example, if abstraction can be about something other than measuring?  And,
would the following sentence count as comparison?

"A dog is kind of like a sheep."

If yes, is this a "digital" comparison?  If no, what is this sentence in
your estimation?

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