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Re: [xmca] The essence of the aesthetic reaction

> Christine, is my RESPONSE [my answer] a construction, a composition, an
> ensemble, that *I* am reacting to or MAKING [with mastery??]  expressing my
> *self* spontaneously or reflectively ???
>  OR
>  am I being CARRIED along within the *play* [dance, song, drama] OF
> effective history openning and unveiling the *unsaid* within the fusion of
> my horizon and histories horizons.  THIS play *as* reciprocal &  expanding
> BOTH *my* horizon* AND *effective histories* [plural]  horizons ?  The past
> not as DEAD metaphoricity but LIVING metaphoricity

I wouldn't be looking for an either or , but feel a question of duende:)

Thank you very much for the article from Saatela - I am still reaching with
the turns it sketches.

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