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[xmca] The essence of the aesthetic reaction

Christine [and others]
I'm in over my head with this question and was hoping with the right
question to further the conversation and thereby expand my understanding of
*aesthetic reaction* as a concept.
This term for Vygotsky seemed to be central to his elaboration of a
*method* of analysis that he then applied to concept development. This
method was exploring the *essence of a phenomena.

The article Christine recommended from the site *Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy* [p 8] has this statement:

For Wittgenstein complexity, and not reduction to UITARY ESSENCE, is the
route to conceptual clarification. Reduction to a simplified MODEL by
contrast, yields only the illusion of clarification in the form of
conceptual incarceration ( a picture held us captive)

As I mentioned I'm in over my head.

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