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Re: [xmca] New publication: Learning Disabilities, post-Vygotsky-Lurian theory and practice through the lens of Akhutina-Pylaeva

Thanks for posting, Anton. Great idea, great work.

On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 7:48 AM, Anton Yasnitsky <the_yasya@yahoo.com>wrote:

> A new book has just been released and it might well be of considerable
> interest to some segment of xmca readership and their associates:
> Overcoming Learning Disabilities
> Tatiana V. Akhutina and Natalia M. Pylaeva
> About the Book
> Based on the ideas of Russian psychologists Lev Vygotsky and
> Alexander Luria, this book explores methods of preventing or
> overcoming learning disabilities. Tatiana V. Akhutina and Natalia
> M. Pylaeva build on Vygotsky and Luria’s sociocultural
> theory and their principle of a systemic structure and dynamic
> organization of higher mental functions. They focus on the
> interactive scaffolding of the weak components of the child’s
> functional systems, the transition from joint child-adult coactions,
> and the emotional involvement of the child. The authors
> discuss effective ways to remediate issues with attention,
> executive functions (working memory and cognitive control),
> and spatial and visual-verbal functions. Overcoming Learning
> Disabilities translates complex problems into easily understandable
> concepts useful to school psychologists, special and general
> education teachers, and parents of children with learning
> disabilities.
> Key Features
> • A book by pupils of great Russian neuropsychologist Alexander
> Luria
> • The authors demonstrate the use of Lurian neuropsychological
> diagnostic methods allowed distinguishing three main
> types of learning disabilities
> • Authors describe how to work in the Zone of Proximal Development
> (Vygotsky’s term) conducting an ongoing qualitative
> analysis of children’s diffi culties and helping them strengthen
> the weak ‘link’ of the functional system, etc.
> http://www.amazon.com/Overcoming-Learning-Disabilities-Tatiana-Akhutina/dp/1107013887
> </END of QUOTE>
> There are many "Lurian" psychologies, but the one presented in this book
> is definitely extremely close to the original Luria's proposal and clearly
> deserves considerable attention from the theoreticians and, particularly,
> practitioners. Just in case, the author is available and, I truly believe,
> eager to comment, discuss, share, and, ultimately, collaborate.
> FINALLY. Info for those interested in acquiring the book: there seems to
> be a 20% discount from regular price of USD 99 to a reduced price of 79 for
> a hardcover edition. FYI: Offer expires 12/31/2012.
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