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[xmca] New publication: Learning Disabilities, post-Vygotsky-Lurian theory and practice through the lens of Akhutina-Pylaeva

A new book has just been released and it might well be of considerable interest to some segment of xmca readership and their associates:
Overcoming Learning Disabilities
Tatiana V. Akhutina and Natalia M. Pylaeva

About the Book
Based on the ideas of Russian psychologists Lev Vygotsky and
Alexander Luria, this book explores methods of preventing or
overcoming learning disabilities. Tatiana V. Akhutina and Natalia
M. Pylaeva build on Vygotsky and Luria’s sociocultural
theory and their principle of a systemic structure and dynamic
organization of higher mental functions. They focus on the
interactive scaffolding of the weak components of the child’s
functional systems, the transition from joint child-adult coactions,
and the emotional involvement of the child. The authors
discuss effective ways to remediate issues with attention,
executive functions (working memory and cognitive control),
and spatial and visual-verbal functions. Overcoming Learning
Disabilities translates complex problems into easily understandable
concepts useful to school psychologists, special and general
education teachers, and parents of children with learning

Key Features
• A book by pupils of great Russian neuropsychologist Alexander
• The authors demonstrate the use of Lurian neuropsychological
diagnostic methods allowed distinguishing three main
types of learning disabilities
• Authors describe how to work in the Zone of Proximal Development
(Vygotsky’s term) conducting an ongoing qualitative
analysis of children’s diffi culties and helping them strengthen
the weak ‘link’ of the functional system, etc.

There are many "Lurian" psychologies, but the one presented in this book is definitely extremely close to the original Luria's proposal and clearly deserves considerable attention from the theoreticians and, particularly, practitioners. Just in case, the author is available and, I truly believe, eager to comment, discuss, share, and, ultimately, collaborate.

FINALLY. Info for those interested in acquiring the book: there seems to be a 20% discount from regular price of USD 99 to a reduced price of 79 for a hardcover edition. FYI: Offer expires 12/31/2012.
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