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Re: [xmca] Direct Instruction: observations at Djarragun college, Cape York, Australia


This paper appears to provide a comprehensive overview of the theory and
practice of DI and also includes a response to criticisms (27pp)

I think that Engelmann is incorrect to criticise other theories of
education so trenchantly but what he has done brilliantly is develop one
practice of basic literacy / maths education with almost fail proof rigour.
Some other theories and practices do work IMO (eg. Papert's constructionism
is one I have worked with for years) but the problem with them in practice
is that they don't scale for all learners because they require fairly high
degrees of teacher expertise.

Given that we have a society in which the highly skilled mathematicians and
physicists are more likely to end up programming economic models for
Goldmann Sachs than teaching in primary school then Direct Instruction is
the best bet since it doesn't require deep thinking teachers for it to
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