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Re: [xmca] Article of potential interest

On 7 May 2012 01:59, Huw Lloyd <huw.softdesigns@gmail.com> wrote:

> I suspect rejection (along the lines of wilden's usage) would be more
> appropriate.  To refuse would be to understand which would mean to go
> beyond punctuation (do they distinguish between the digital and the work
> achieved in creating the digital?).

A bit of clarification required:  Refuse responding to an assumed control
digitally, i.e. "No to this."  i.e. refusing as understanding the situation
as a digital and controlling one.  Whereas to under stand would be to go
beyond the digital to the processes and experiences that they punctuate.

>   We reject proprietary control over the internet for the same reason that
> we reject notions of the supremacy of our own dogma which would be
> impoverishment.
> Rejection is more appropriate because it is a process oriented response
> that goes beyond digital informatics -- a bit difficult for an informatics
> worker, especially if it makes up the common frame.
> My, and my readings, 2p.  :)
> Huw
> On 7 May 2012 01:35, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Fuchs, Christian. 2012. New Marxian Times! Reflections on the 4th ICTs and
>> Society Conference “Critique, Democracy and Philosophy in 21st Century
>> Information Society. Towards Critical Theories of Social Media”. tripleC –
>> Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society 10 (1): 114-121.
>> http://www.triple-c.at/index.**php/tripleC/article/view/411<
>> http://www.triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/view/411>
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