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Re: [xmca] Article of potential interest

I suspect rejection (along the lines of wilden's usage) would be more
appropriate.  To refuse would be to understand which would mean to go
beyond punctuation (do they distinguish between the digital and the work
achieved in creating the digital?).  We reject proprietary control over the
internet for the same reason that we reject notions of the supremacy of our
own dogma which would be impoverishment.

Rejection is more appropriate because it is a process oriented response
that goes beyond digital informatics -- a bit difficult for an informatics
worker, especially if it makes up the common frame.

My, and my readings, 2p.  :)


On 7 May 2012 01:35, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Fuchs, Christian. 2012. New Marxian Times! Reflections on the 4th ICTs and
> Society Conference “Critique, Democracy and Philosophy in 21st Century
> Information Society. Towards Critical Theories of Social Media”. tripleC –
> Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society 10 (1): 114-121.
> http://www.triple-c.at/index.**php/tripleC/article/view/411<
> http://www.triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/view/411>
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