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[xmca] for those, like me, who don't speak russian


Textverter - fixes text that was typed in a wrong language, by converting english letters to russian letters, and vice versa
Textverter for Russian/English keyboard is a very useful extension for situations when we type something in one language and only after we did some typing, we notice that we were typing in the wrong language.
For example, if we wanted to type "Hello world", but our keyboard was set to Russian, we'll get "Руддщ Цщкдв".
Or if we wanted to type the Russian word "Здравствуйте", but our keyboard was set to english, then we'll get "Plhfdcndeqnt".

Textverter will convert the wrong text to the text that we meant to type.

Textverter can be used in 3 ways:
1. Just select the wrong text, click on the Textverter icon and the selected text will be fixed. (If the text was selected in a field that is not editable, the fixed text will appear in a pop-up)
2. select the wrong text, press shift+alt+r on the keyboard, and the selected text will be fixed (only if the text was selected in an editable field)
3. Click on the Textverter icon,  copy the wrong text to the pop-up window, click "fix", and you'll have the correct text!

note #1: in some places there is a problem retrieving the selected text, in these cases the 1st and the 2nd options will not work, but only the 3rd option will be available (copying the text into the pop-up window)

note #2: The use of extensions on the Google app site or on the extensionSettings page is disabled. In order to use the extension, you must navigate to a different page.

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