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Re: [xmca] Further reflections on "temporality" and generativity

Monica, thanks for this appreciation.  Yes, at times I also feel like I'm
just chasing my tail. However with the insight that "trying to figure it
all out" is actually just good conversation and fellowship with both the
biologically living and our ancestors who are still "alive", there is a
shift in the quest for "knowing" that is experienced more like a form of

I'm also grounded by having a grand daughter Elena, [now 17 months]  who I
experience as dancing through life, moving between security needs and
exploratory needs, and I intuitively sense that the "dance" WE are
participating in is moving between security and exploration. When Elena
PAUSES in her explorations, and  checks in with mom, dad, grandma, or
grandpa, and then is off again to engage with objects this PAUSE is
foundational for re-orienting to further POTENTIAL exploring with
fascination and delight.  THE POTENTIAL EXPERIENCE expressed in this
relational dancing through life is palpable.

 I often wonder, when sharing this lived experience of vitality with Elena,
if there is a deeper truth about our human nature being expressed in this
dance of  POTENTIAL existence? As the person and world become more
complex with further development can life remain playfull as it changes its
form and structure?  As I'm "chasing my tail" can I delight in the chase
instead of always seeing it as a struggle?  Monica, maybe it requires a
great deal of struggle and hard difficult work to return to this place of
playing.  I don't know.

Part of the experience of "chasing my tail" is the recognition that
participating in the dance with my grand daughter may not be participating
in "transforming" the world.  My hesitant response is the practice of
dancing with my grand daughter is also developing knowlege which is
phronesis and THIS knowlege can be USED in the schools I work in and also
inform my conversations with others.  These practices, which also USE
"techne" and "theory" [other forms of knowing] are  informed by my
knowledge gained dancing with my grand daughter.

Just musings on "chasing my tail"


On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 1:05 PM, monica.hansen <
monica.hansen@vandals.uidaho.edu> wrote:

> Larry,
> I like this view or interpretation of writing because it allows for signs,
> or representations of meaning, to be "real"--that quality being shared in
> the process of communicating--but not fixed. Knowledge or ideas have the
> same quality and should not be confused with actual structures in brain,
> memory, or mind. Structures exist, but they are responsible for the
> experience of making meaning or "knowing". I appreciate, as always, Larry,
> how much you read and carry your references into this discourse.
> For some of us it is really interesting trying to figure it all out and
> using different approaches to do so, but you can see how for others it is
> just like a dog chasing its tail.
> Monica
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> Subject: [xmca] Further reflections on "temporality" and generativity
> Mike, and Haydi
> The question on activity and reflectivity and its relation to temporality
> is the question Mike posed.
>  I didn't want to take the focus off Haydi's further elaboration of
> Vasilyk so I'm posting this thought on POTENTIAL EXISTENCE and signs. from
>  Eugene Halton [article is Pragmatic E-Pistols on Greg's post] Halton
>  writes,
> Signs involve existence but are NOT reducible to existence, for their being
> lies in their being interpreted. in a FUTURE interpretation: in continuing
> semiosis. So that a SELF or a sign has a REALITY at any GIVEN MOMENT as a
> POTENTIAL EXISTENCE, in Peirce's terms" page 46.
> Potential existence, dialogically, as interpreted.  This dialogical
> "interpretation" can be DISTINGUISHED and COME INTO EXISTENCE through
> "thinking" [reflecting] or through conversation [reflecting] with others
> [both forms can be encounters with alterity]  Writing is another form of
> encountering dialogical alterity to express POTENTIAL existence.
> In other words systems and traditions and concepts [cultural
> historical reality] can be USED within the GIVEN MOMENT as signs within
> shared understanding LEADING TO POTENTIAL self-understanding ARISING within
> shared understanding.
> Mike & Haydi , this is one possibility of the temporal sequence of the
> lived world expressed within humanness.
> Larry
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