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[xmca] Further reflections on "temporality" and generativity

Mike, and Haydi

The question on activity and reflectivity and its relation to temporality
is the question Mike posed.

  I didn't want to take the focus off Haydi's further elaboration of
Vasilyk so I'm posting this thought on POTENTIAL EXISTENCE and signs. from
 Eugene Halton [article is Pragmatic E-Pistols on Greg's post] Halton

Signs involve existence but are NOT reducible to existence, for their being
lies in their being interpreted. in a FUTURE interpretation: in continuing
semiosis. So that a SELF or a sign has a REALITY at any GIVEN MOMENT as a
POTENTIAL EXISTENCE, in Peirce's terms" page 46.

Potential existence, dialogically, as interpreted.  This dialogical
"interpretation" can be DISTINGUISHED and COME INTO EXISTENCE through
"thinking" [reflecting] or through conversation [reflecting] with others
[both forms can be encounters with alterity]  Writing is another form of
encountering dialogical alterity to express POTENTIAL existence.

In other words systems and traditions and concepts [cultural
historical reality] can be USED within the GIVEN MOMENT as signs within
shared understanding LEADING TO POTENTIAL self-understanding ARISING within
shared understanding.

Mike & Haydi , this is one possibility of the temporal sequence of the
lived world expressed within humanness.

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