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Freire & Dewey RE: [xmca] ISCAR (review)

On Sat, 24 Sep 2011, Michael Glassman wrote:

It is instead an ensemble production I guess, with a whole lot of interesting players and one extraordinary coincidence (the degree to which Freire's ideas in Pedagogy of the Oppressed mirror some of the original ideas behind action research even though really their only common denominator are basic ties to Dewey).


I would be interested in seeing basic ties to Dewey in Freire's work, but I am not aware of any. Freire seems most influenced by Hegel, and then by Sartre and other Europeans, as well as Fanon and other anti-colonial Africans. The closest to an American influence that I can recall are Fromm and Marcuse, who are both from the German Frankfurt School.

Of courese, begninning around 1971, Freire was in dialogue with Americans like Giroux and Aronowitz; but even then, they seem to be channeling European ctitical theory, more than American pragmatism.
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