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[xmca] Interesting article on 'Sociocutlural subjectivities' in latest Theory and Psychology

Sociocultural Subjectivities: Progress, Prospects, Problems 
Suzanne R. Kirschner 
Theory Psychology 2010;20 765-780

Strongly constitutive sociocultural perspectives in psychology have
become more developed and influential in recent decades, particularly
during the past 15 years. These approaches include constructionist,
discursive, relational, dialogical, and neo-Vygotskian theories. They
diverge from one another in some respects, but are alike in that they
all consider psychological processes, such as mind and self, to emerge
out of social, cultural, and historical contexts. This paper explores
some central themes and commitments that inhere in these approaches,
particularly with regard to how subjectivity is historically and
relationally constituted. It emphasizes the importance of further
legitimizing them within psychology and adjacent disciplines. It also
points out some current limitations, suggesting that they risk what
social theorist Dennis Wrong called an “oversocialized” conception
of human beings. 

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