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Re: [xmca] Obama's Learn Act

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009, Martin Packer wrote:

Hi Cathrene,

I wrote about these issues when, more than a decade ago, the kinds of reform that later became NCLB began to infect schools, and I fully agree with you about their importance. I tried to write in an accessible style, and the book sells reasonably well by academic standards, but one of my frustrations has been that it has largely remained invisible outside academia, even when I have sent it to people with power and influence. If you (or anyone else) has the time to take a quick look and tell me how I could have communicated more effectively I would welcome the feedback. The link below is to a general description. I think my web pages have a link somewhere to a PDF of the book manuscript, but right now I'm not finding it. There is a link to a free copy of the Introduction from the publisher's web site. But I can send a copy to anyone interested.



There's a chapter-length version from a book co-edited by Martin which appeared a year after his book, at
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