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[xmca] Obama's Learn Act

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the invitation to correspond. Let me be clear that I abhor the missed opportunity Obama has made with regard to education and am disgusted that he would hire someone so unsuited to the position of Secretary of Education. While he is, indeed, a busy man these days, I can assure you that educationists and economists alike feel he has abandoned the folks who placed him in the White House. 

In LIEU of Jay's notion that bodies can be written on and your comments stating that humans are "complex hybrids, shaped by prior genrations of mediation of activity through material artifacts", I'd be interested to hear your opinion and that of others regarding the implications of testing babies - kinders to assess "appropriate" language and literacy development. Might this not constitute a cognitive-affective, cultural-historical, sociopolitical concern? I'm curious to hear how the psych folks have been involved in the discussion.

Much thanks to Kris and others who are duking it out in D.C.

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