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Re: [xmca] La Colmenita "The Little Beehive"

Thanks Ulvi-- This group clearly ought to be of interest to many different
participants in XMCA.

On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 5:04 AM, ulvi icil <ulvi.icil@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I intend to acquaint the group with a children musical theater
> company, a Cuban one.
> A group which is UNICEF Good Will Ambassador and very much appreciated
> by IATA (International Amateur Theater Association) and other
> authorities worldwide...
> It is a non formal art group in Cuban society..I mean, even though
> under Ministry of Culture, children devote their after school time to
> the group...it is not a formal art school etc
> This is a children theater group where children play, not the adults...
> Their site is: http://www.lacolmenitadecuba.cult.cu/
> Unfortunately only in Spanish.
> The first book on the group in the world, even before Cuba, is
> published in Turkey in 2007, a compilation of materials in Spanish and
> English translated into Turkish. (Editor and English translation: Ulvi
> Icil, Spanish translation Esra Karakose)
> http://www.idefix.com/kitap/kucuk-ari-kovani-kuba-cocuk-tiyatrosu-kumpanyasi-esra-karakose/tanim.asp?sid=AE47MRVEEA0KGUFTL0VW
> The group now published its magazine's 3rd issue which is published 4
> issues a year. The magazine is bilingual, in Spanish and in English,
> 52 pages. English texts are not partial. Each article is fully in both
> English and Spanish.
> http://www.revistalacolmenita.com/
> I do not think that it reaches Cuban embassies worldwide, it is rather
> distributed freely in Cuba. But the magazine is really wonderful and
> rich in content, full of colours and photographs.
> Those who may intend to follow the group and study or get informaton
> on it, may apply to Cuban embassies. I suggest Cuban authorities will
> help to provide the magazine.
> There are many interesting characteristics of this children group.
> For instance, parents (not only mothers and fathers but also grand
> mothers and fathers too) take an active part in the work of the group
> and not only to sew the dresses but also to help children to learn
> their citations in the plays.
> So, the group is more than like, it is a real family and all kinds of
> interactions take place freely and very constructively - between
> peers, between adults, between children and adults - developmentally a
> really enjoyable atmosphere for both the children and the adults.
> Second, absolute condition to be a member of the group is academic
> success in the school, not to neglect lessons.
> Third, in fact, the group does not bring up artists. Children leave
> the group on 15th and many of them go to schools unrelated with art.
> What the group is aiming at is to use the theater as a means for
> collective work, as a means for the internalization of ethical values,
> culture. Indeed, the director says that in La Colmenita ethical
> education leads artistic education.
> Fourth, children play very freely, in fact they play not as in theater
> but rather as play, as ordinary play. So, one of the the group's and
> director's top sensibilities is to avoid to create mini divas or mini
> stars. But the result is really professional quite far to the one of
> such similar attemps which end making the children play like
> marionette.
> Fifth, they have an incredible energy and dynamism. Foundedn in 1990,
> they toured the world:
> USA 2003, Germany 2002-2003, Belgium (2001) , Denmark (2005), France
> (2001, 2005), Spain (2007-6-5-4-2; 8 times! ); Japan (2000) , Mexique
> (2000), Venezueala (2000), Turkey (2008)
> They should have come to San Diego in March 2003 ! In addition to San
> Francisco, Los Angeles
> They are able to play two times a day during one consecutive month or so...
> They have many friends worldwide , e.g. Patch Adams being one of their
> closest friends.
> Sixth, the group states that they intend to position art close to
> family and school.
> Seventh and last but perhaps the most important one, they play rarely
> in theaters, but rather in hospitals, streets, schools (special
> education schools), areas affected heavily by hurricanes. They execute
> really social functions.
> This is just a brief information.
> I think the group deserves really a special attention for those
> working in the area of education, culture, play, adult-child
> interaction and others.
> Anyone can feel free to contact me for asking for more information. I
> will be happy more than happy to do that.
> Ulvi
> P.S. The name of the director is Carlos Alberto Cremata, he lost his
> father in Miami mafia's (Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Avila)
> sabotage in 1976 to a civil airplane in full flight on the air over
> Barbados, where 73 people died, 57 Cubans, some others Korean, in the
> delegation of culture and Guyanese students of medicine, studying
> freely in Cuba. He is graduated from Higher Art Institute in Havana.
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