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Re: [xmca] Vygotsky and Saussure

I'm going to use the silence as an opportunity to reflect on my own message - Reading what I wrote about Marx's method again in the context of the discussion here it occurs to me that Marx, like Vygotsky, was writing about the changing character of word-meaning. I'd not thought about Capital in quite that way before. On the other hand, LSV doesn't, to my knowledge, draw a distinction between children's analytic concepts and their dialectical concepts. Has anyone out there worked on this? (Paula?)

I'm currently reading the literature on young children's categories (folkbiology, folkpsychology), and much of this research seems to assume exactly the equivalence of adult and child word-meaning that LSV called into question, so the topic is important. For example, the researcher names for the child a picture of an animal, and then asks a question (Does X have a heart?) to which the child can reply only yes or no. The characteristics of the child's 'categories' are inferred on the basis of an assumed equivalence of word-meaning.

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