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That Cole feller also writes a nice pre-history of CHAT in Cultural
I'll be interested to see how people tease apart what is CHAT from what is
not. In CP Mike talks about the roots perhaps going back to, I think,
Herodotus (450 BC) who aimed to understand the wars as cultural conflicts.
Does he count? Do people need to invoke CHAT specifically to be included?
And since I've seen some weird things invoked in the name of activity
theory, how do you distinguish between a "genuine" CHAT perspective and that
that is not? Is CHAT different from Activity Theory, or other perspectives
grounded in the work of Leont'ev and Vygotsky?
Some knotty stuff here, and I look forward to seeing how it pans out. Peter

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Several articles by Anna Stetsenko are also relevant for the CHAT history
For instance:
Arievitch I., Stetsenko, A. (1989). From Vygotsky to Galperin:
Development of a cultural-historical approach. Storia della Psicologia
[History of Psychology], 1, 111-114.
Leontjev, D. A., Stetsenko, A. & Eidman, E. (1989). Scientific heritage of
Vygotsky and world Psychology. Voprosi Psychologii [Russian Journal of
Psychological Issues], 2, March-April, 171-175.
Stetsenko, A. (1993). Vygotsky: Reflections on the reception and further
development of his thought. Multidisciplinary Newsletter for Activity
Theory, 13/14, 38-45.
Stetsenko, A., & Arievitch, I. (1997). Constructing and deconstructing the
self: Comparing post-Vygotskian and discourse-based versions of social
constructivism. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 4, 160-173

Maybe Anna would be interested to be a panelist?

Cathrene Connery wrote:
> Steve Gabosch wrote:
>> For anyone involved in this symposium: Joachim Lompscher (1932-2005),
>> previously of the Dept of Educational Psychology, Univ of Potsdam,
>> Germany, wrote a helpful contribution to the historical develpement
>> of CHAT in a chapter entitled "The Cultural-Historical Activity
>> Theory: Some Aspects of Development" in the collection Critical
>> Perspectives on Activity (2006) ed. by Sawchuk, Duarte and Elhammoumi.
>> - Steve
>> At 01:22 PM 9/10/2007 -0400, you wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I will be organizing a symposium for ISCAR on the history and
>>> development of CHAT. If you know of an individual scholar whose
>>> work or perspective should especially be included, please e-mail
>>> their name and contact info to: instead of using
>>> the list serve.
>>> Thank you!
>>> Cathrene
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> Gracias, Steve. I'll add it to the file.

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