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I wrote about Bogost... and when no one replied (and I since I didn't
realize messages I send out aren't sent back to me) I assumed my email
address that I sent it to wasn't being accepted, so I resent from a
different address. I later remembered that there is a web archive of this
list, so I checked that and realized that you all did in fact receive two
copies of the same message from me... I did this with two posts... uh
woops! sorry. :)

Anyway, I am glad the concept of unit operations might be of use. Would it
be helpful if I tried to describe them more?


On 6/27/07, Mike Cole <> wrote:
> Before long we will have polls open and a new article to read. In the
> meantime, there are a lot of
> issues associated with the toolsforthought article that I think have yet
> to
> be explore and a variety
> of misunderstandings among people about what the "game" genre affords,
> allows, precludes, etc.
> Someone mentioned Ian Bogost's work in connection with Toolforthought,
> which
> seemed apt to me,
> but no one picked up on it. Perhaps because his work is not known. Then
> the
> idea that somehow
> critique and game are antithetical notions crept in here and even the idea
> that critique is unproductive
> in principle.
> In connection with David Shaffer's work on games, it might be useful to
> check you
> no need to like it, but it might be helpful to ground the discussion. I
> cold
> not figure out if any of those games were downloadable.
> But there ARE downloadable games that aspire to what here is apparently
> assume to be impossible. For example, check
> out the games at
> Notice how .com is coming up in Naeem's posting, and is implicit in the
> meantion of Ian B.
> (It also comes up for every undergrad attending the university of
> califronia, which masquerades under the
> banner of .edu!)
> mike
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