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From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Wed Jun 27 2007 - 17:11:48 PDT

Before long we will have polls open and a new article to read. In the
meantime, there are a lot of
issues associated with the toolsforthought article that I think have yet to
be explore and a variety
of misunderstandings among people about what the "game" genre affords,
allows, precludes, etc.

Someone mentioned Ian Bogost's work in connection with Toolforthought, which
seemed apt to me,
but no one picked up on it. Perhaps because his work is not known. Then the
idea that somehow
critique and game are antithetical notions crept in here and even the idea
that critique is unproductive
in principle.

In connection with David Shaffer's work on games, it might be useful to
check you http://epistemicgames.org/eg/?cat=28.
no need to like it, but it might be helpful to ground the discussion. I cold
not figure out if any of those games were downloadable.

But there ARE downloadable games that aspire to what here is apparently
assume to be impossible. For example, check
out the games at www.bogost.com.

Notice how .com is coming up in Naeem's posting, and is implicit in the
meantion of Ian B.
(It also comes up for every undergrad attending the university of
califronia, which masquerades under the
banner of .edu!)

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