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From: Eirik R. Knutsson (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2006 - 11:38:29 PST

If the binary mode of thought itself appears to be binary, it wouldn't
come as a great shock to me, at least :) When Norwegian NATO forces joined
the war in Kosovo, the Norwegian PM constantly claimed that his country
was not at war with anyone. I guess, he was referring to some kind of
neutral, intermediate state between peace and war (cf. Tolstoy's binary
approach). :)



> Eirik,
> there is a nice (black humor type) illustration for your account of binary
> versus tertiary modes of thought (btw, this itself appears to be a binary
> opossition, no?). In today's debates about the war in Iraq, the last
> authoritative position stated by high ranking official is that America is
> 'not winning the war. It is not loosing it either.' One commentator
> yesterday said: "if the country is neither winning nor loosing the war,
> what then IS it doing? Apparently, it is some third option, perhaps
> something like 'woosing'."
> Speaking about 'neutral intermeditiate evaluations,' they sometimes do
> look like 'woosing', don't they? :-)
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