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Does this help? In Problems in the Development of Mind (1981) Leontiev
covers some memory studies around p. 340 and then gets to the parallelogram
on p 363.
Peg Griffin
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> Excuse me for not answering your e-mail but I was on
> vacation and afterwards had problems with my e-mail
> access. Actually I haven't read the van der Veer replication
> yet but again thanks very much for the interesting hint and I
> will tell more about it after reading it. The background for my
> interest on the issue on Leontiev on memory is the (in my
> view) striking historical coincidence that Bartlett's
> Remembering and Leontiev's study were published more or
> less at the same time and at least have in common that they
> share both good arguments against the Ebbinghaus' way of
> researching memory, both contribute each in his own way to
> a cultural psychology of memory. But whereas Bartlett has
> been - as everyone knows - widely discussed and has been
> acknowledged the status of a "forerunner" of an ecologically
> valid memory research (Neisser etc.) this has not at all been
> the case in respect to Leontiev. Not even the "usual
> suspects" give him this credit, not even when they write
> (very good books) about "Collective memory" as James
> Wertsch. This surprises me. I wanted to know if one
> possible explanation is that the whole monograph is not yet
> available in English. On the other hand for many of the
> "usual suspects" this is certainly not a barrier since they
> understand Russian. So why is this so? Is Leontiev's
> reputation maybe not so high as that of Vygotsky and Luria
> in the U.S.? Has the study just been "overlooked" (is that
> correct English - I hope so)? Or are there lenghty
> discussions of Leontievs study I myself have overlooked up
> to now?
> Best,
> Carlos
> Am 2 Sep 2004 um 7:40 hat Mike Cole geschrieben:
> > Tell us what you make of the issue of leontiev on memory, Carlos. I do
> > think the van der veer replication is well known and a description is
> > to be of interest to mca folks.
> > mike
> >

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