Re: post re Leontiev & Memory

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 10:53:51 PDT

I am not sure of the answers to your question, Carlos.
The connection to Bartlett is certainly appropriate and interesting
to consider. There is a new book about barlett edited by (I think)
Saito, which you may wish to look at.

Leontiev's memory experiments might or might not be considered in
light of issues of ecological validity. They used more or less
standard experimental procedures with individual subjects and materials
chosen by the experimenter where the goal was to remember for the
sake of remembering and/or pleasing the experimenter.

The issue of Leontiev vis a vis Vygotsky and both of them vis a vis
Luria is the subject of a minor cottage industry. You might try googling
the lchc site on, say vygotsky leontiev, or consult van der veer and
valsiner who tell one set of stories, or see if anyone here has a better
way to get you into the topic.

Sorry for the rushed answer.

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