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From: Carlos Koelbl (
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 05:36:36 PDT

Excuse me for not answering your e-mail but I was on
vacation and afterwards had problems with my e-mail
access. Actually I haven't read the van der Veer replication
yet but again thanks very much for the interesting hint and I
will tell more about it after reading it. The background for my
interest on the issue on Leontiev on memory is the (in my
view) striking historical coincidence that Bartlett's
Remembering and Leontiev's study were published more or
less at the same time and at least have in common that they
share both good arguments against the Ebbinghaus' way of
researching memory, both contribute each in his own way to
a cultural psychology of memory. But whereas Bartlett has
been - as everyone knows - widely discussed and has been
acknowledged the status of a "forerunner" of an ecologically
valid memory research (Neisser etc.) this has not at all been
the case in respect to Leontiev. Not even the "usual
suspects" give him this credit, not even when they write
(very good books) about "Collective memory" as James
Wertsch. This surprises me. I wanted to know if one
possible explanation is that the whole monograph is not yet
available in English. On the other hand for many of the
"usual suspects" this is certainly not a barrier since they
understand Russian. So why is this so? Is Leontiev's
reputation maybe not so high as that of Vygotsky and Luria
in the U.S.? Has the study just been "overlooked" (is that
correct English - I hope so)? Or are there lenghty
discussions of Leontievs study I myself have overlooked up
to now?



Am 2 Sep 2004 um 7:40 hat Mike Cole geschrieben:

> Tell us what you make of the issue of leontiev on memory, Carlos. I do not
> think the van der veer replication is well known and a description is likely
> to be of interest to mca folks.
> mike

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