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[xmca] The business of education

The following letter from the UC faculty association president seems worth
distributing. Fraught futures.

CUCFA President Meister's Open Letter to Coursera Founder Daphne Koller

 An Open Letter to Daphne Koller,
Co-Founder and Co-President of Coursera and Professor of Computer Science
at Stanford University

Dear Professor Koller,

Because I share your vision of creating a world in which all have access to
an excellent and empowering education, I would like to propose a new online
course for you to make freely available through the Coursera platform. Its
title is “The Implications of Coursera’s For-Profit Business Model for
Global Public Education.”

The goal of the course will be for the students enrolled in it to
understand the real relation between Coursera’s visionary mission—“to offer
courses, in partnership with the worlds’ top universities, to everyone for
free”—and the logic of the strategic business plan that led Coursera to be
named “The Best Startup of 2012” by TechCrunch last January.

 Read more:  http://cucfa.org/news/2013_may10.ph<http://cucfa.org/news/2013_may10.php>
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