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Re: [xmca] on activity theory

Thank you for posting the article about Il'enkov.
I appreciate the way Andrew Maidansky translated Il'enkov and his times for
English readers.
The questions of metaphysics (beyond physics) is a theme opened up by
Martin in his reply to Andy. I merely jumped through the opening.
I want to acknowledge the way Il'enkov uses AS structure to represent one
thing as another. Whether we want to acknowledge this as meta physics is
open to further inquiry. On page 299 part VI il'enkov is suggesting the
form of the ideal is most purely expressed as value form in commodity
relations. What I want to draw attention to is the metaphors (as structure)
within the concepts *materialization*, * incarnation*,  and *embodiment*.
Here is a summary of this part VI:

Il'enkov proposed the value form of commodity exchange as the most typical
and fundamental, purely ideal, -characterized by its complete indifference
to its own manifestation. Indifferent to any sensually tangible material of
its EMBODIMENT, its MATERIALIZATION. The form of value INCARNATES into the
*natural body* of the commodity but independently of the peculiarities of
THIS natural body. The form of value INCARNATES through its body within the
*shape* of the natural body BUT independent of the shape of the natural
body. The natural body supplies the *shape* through which the form of value
The form of value, as a pure ideal, remains something different from any
material, sensually tangible body OF the value forms INCARNATION, from any
corporeal reality.

Haydi, this understanding is thought provoking.
I will pause without further comment.


On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:57 AM, Haydi Zulfei <haydizulfei@rocketmail.com>wrote:

> Dear Larry
> The way you speak is so friendly and so appealing . Don't worry ! I've
> always read your posts very carefully . But it's not a matter of
> compliments or annoyance . On this occasion , I've begun to read Leontiev's
> 'Activity Consciousness  Personality' once again . If I understand
> something from the dialogues and exchanges , I will talk for sure . And we
> are always IN FRIENDSHIP !
> Truly
> Haydi
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