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[xmca] A Concrete Psychological Investigation of Ifá Divination

Another recently published text that people might find interesting - and it is in a journal that most of you probably don't subscribe to! -  is this:

"A Concrete Psychological Investigation of Ifá Divination"  Martin Packer & Silvia Tibaduiza

This was based on Silvia's undergraduate senior thesis, and it's just a small step into the complex issues of exploring reasoning in different cultural settings. In several respects our conclusions mirror those of Ed Hutchins in 1979:

"I conclude that while Trobrianders' beliefs about the world are, in some domains, very different from our beliefs, it is unwarranted to infer from a difference in content that the way Trobrianders reason about what they believe is substantially different from the way we reason about what we believe." 

...though I'm by no means satisfied that looking for similarities as we (and Ed) did is the best approach to the issue.


Hutchins, E. (1979). Reasoning in Trobriand discourse. Quarterly Newsletter of the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, 1(2), 13-17.
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