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Re: [xmca] Reading Piaget again...

On 13 February 2013 21:19, Goncu, Artin <goncu@uic.edu> wrote:

> In re-reading Piaget for a class I teach, I saw the following sentences in
> "The Moral Judgement of the Child" that I had underlined many years ago,
> noticed them again, and felt that he may not have been given sufficient
> credit for his observations about the role of culture and class in his
> discussions.  On p. 209-10 referring to the findings he has just reported,
> he says "To begin with, they relate only to the children belonging to a
> certain ethnical (sic) group and a certain social stratum (the poorer
> parts of Geneva and a few children from an elementary school at
> Neuchatel.)  I wish he had theorized about the role of culture and class,
> going beyond these observations but that is another story...
My reading recollection is that he is forever hedging his bets and
encumbered by an audience expecting a "rational" account of genetic
phenomena.  On one occasion I was hunting about for some Piagetian ideas
that, I was confident, were laid out with clarity only to discover that is
was Vygotsky writing about Piaget.

No doubt there's much more to it -- the influence of idioms such as French
sociologists and psychologists, translations etc.


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