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[xmca] Dialogic Pedagogy Journal: Call for papers

Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal                 vol.1 2013                               http://dpj.pitt.edu   ISSN 2325-3290 (online)
Dear colleagues—
Dialogic Pedagogy Journal (DPJ) is happy to announce a call for submission of manuscripts.
DPJ is an international, online, Open Access, free publication, peer-reviewed, academic journal. The targeted audience of the DPJ is educational researchers and innovative educators interested in broadly defined field and practice of Dialogic Pedagogy.
I. Deciding if your work should be published by the Dialogic Pedagogy International Online Journal

The purpose of DPJ is to advance international scholarship and pedagogical practice in the area of dialogic pedagogy and education. The journal is multidisciplinary, international, multi-paradigmatic, and multicultural in scope, accepting manuscripts from any scholars and practitioners interested in the dialogic nature of teaching and learning in formal institutional and informal settings. We encourage any research scholars and practitioners with an interest in dialogue and pedagogy to submit articles for editorial consideration. We loosely define 'dialogic pedagogy' as any scholarship and pedagogical practice, from educational researchers and practitioners, which values and gives priority to 'dialogue' in learning/teaching across a wide range of institutional and non-institutional learning settings".  To make a decision about publishing with DPJ, please take your time to evaluate whether or not your manuscript is suitable for the DPJ and the community behind the journal based on the description of the journal’s Focus and Scope. If you are not sure and have questions regarding the journal's aims and scope, we urge you to write to the journal editor with your questions.

II. Genres of publications

DPJ welcomes submissions of manuscripts and multimedia of different genres, formats and styles. The main peer-reviewed genres of publications are the following:

The main peer-reviewed genres involve purely or mixed conceptual, empirical, and/or methodological papers

a)      Theoretical, conceptual, essays;

b)     Ethnographic and/or empirical research reports with conceptual analysis and "thick descriptions";

c)      Description of and reflection on innovative dialogic educational practices;

d)     “Special issue” – collection of thematically related papers.

The main non-peer reviewed genres of publication are the following:

e)     Video/audio recorded or transcripts of innovative dialogic educational practices with possibility of fragment-by-fragment analysis of records and their discussions;

f)       Invited commentaries on published articles (both impressionistic and focused);

g)     Critical book reviews (invited or volunteered);

h)     Manuscript work in progress for critical, supportive, non-judgmental peer feedback;

i)       Reports about relevant projects and conferences;

j)       Announcements relevant to the field of Dialogic Pedagogy or DPJ.

We encourage innovative genres and formats.

For more info about submission, please, see Author Guidelines.

If you want to submit your manuscript(s) to DPJ immediately, please go tohttp://dpj.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/dpj1/information/authors(it requires registration);
If you plan to submit your manuscript(s) in 2013 to DPJ, please reply to this email and provide to us with the following information:
1)      Tentative title of your paper;
2)      Genre (as listed above or proposed a new one);
3)      Tentative list of the manuscript’s authors;
4)      Tentative date of submission.
If you plan to propose a Special Issue to DPJ, please contact us via email: dpjournal@mail.pitt.edu.
Let us know if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, and/or proposals or need help. We encourage innovative genres and formats.
Please forward this email to your colleagues and listservs who may be interested in the DPJ.
Eugene Matusov, Editor-in-Chief, USA
Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Deputy Editor-in-Chief,  USA
Yifat Kolikant, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Israel
Eugene Matusov, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, Dialogic Pedagogy Journal
Professor of Education
School of Education
16 W Main st
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716, USA
Publications: http://ematusov.soe.udel.edu/vita/publications.htm
DiaPed: http://diaped.soe.udel.edu
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