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Re: [xmca] leading activity related question

On 2 February 2013 21:54, Barowy, William <barowy@lesley.edu> wrote:

> Thanks for the paper, Mike.  You made the point that educators conflated
> zopeds with scaffolding back then in 1984 and I still see that happening
> today.
 One explanation, perhaps, for the confusion of zopeds, is the
usage: creating a zoped vs the zoped (of the individual).  Even for those
using it to index developmental age etc, it is serving double duty.  The
same seems to apply for leading activity.


> But more importantly, you use the phrase "activity structures" rather than
> "activity systems" in the section on work activity.  I know how YE defines
> the latter an your use of "structures" indicates a difference, perhaps like
> how Lemke defined activity structures in his early work -- would you
> comment on your view of the contrast between structures and systems?
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