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[xmca] new report on connected learning

This document ought to be of interest to several members of xmca. Delete if
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On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:34 AM, Mimi Ito <mito@itofisher.com> wrote:

> Dear friends and colleagues,
> I wanted to share a new research report that we just released from our
> MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network, and thank you for
> your support of the work. We had put forth a set of provisional principles
> for connected learning about a year ago on connectedlearning.tv. This
> report is a synthesis of the research backing for the connected learning
> model, some guidelines for design, and an argument for the need for a
> strong social change agenda to avoid new technology creating greater
> inequity in education.
> Attached is the the announcement, report, and report summary. I'd be very
> grateful if you could help spread the word. Here are some links:
> Release:
> http://dmlhub.net/newsroom/media-releases/researchers-recommend-core-changes-education
> Report pdf:
> http://dmlhub.net/publications/connected-learning-agenda-research-and-design
> My blog post:
> http://dmlcentral.net/blog/mimi-ito/connected-learning-interdisciplinary-researchers-recommend-core-changes
> Supporting videos:
> http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0ELr5eRiluzx5DlCveU_ieL0y6x3rfRN
> All the best,
> Mimi
> "Connected learning is about progress and it’s about something
> everyone in education agrees is urgent and important -- the
> unprecedented opportunity we're seeing to rethink an approach to
> education where all young people can realize their learning potential
> and their right to thrive."
> The Digital Media and Learning Research Hub has just released a new
> report: "Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design." The
> 99-page report--which was written by members of the Connected Learning
> Research Network, led by Mimi Ito--is a synthesis of ongoing research,
> design, and implementation of connected learning.
> The report, which is the first of ten in a new series on connected
> learning, offers a design and reform agenda, grounded in a rich
> understanding of child development and learning, to promote and test
> connected learning theories. The report includes an analysis of
> current economic, social, and technical trends that frame the
> educational challenges faced by many countries, and also provides
> several examples of the connected learning principles in action
> through illustrative cases of learners and learning environments.
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