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RE: [xmca] Help With Spanish/Portuguese


Please find some precisions to your very good understanding of the video:

a) When he first read Vygotsky, it appeared to him that Vygotsky had copied his own work! (That's a joke--he acknowledges that Vygotsky had died nearly sixty years earlier)

b) Vygotsky goes much further than Piaget in his understanding of language acquisition.

c) There is some OTHER person ("Emilia Fujera"? Ferreira) who goes much further still in her scientific understanding of language acquisition  but who does not go nearly as far as than Freire himself in the ideological economic/political understanding of education.

Here is a link in English about Emilia Ferreira: http://www.u.arizona.edu/~ireyes/bibDoc/Goodman&Reyes2005.pdf

Best regards,

Armando Justo
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